Therapeutic Communities: What makes for a healing environment in religious community?

Holy Rood logoPresented by Revd Elizabeth Baxter, Executive Director, Holy Rood House

Holy Rood is a ‘healing centre’ – a place of health and wellbeing at Thirsk in Yorkshire. It works with complimentary therapists. An area of particular focus is in sexual abuse.

Holy Rood has a theology centre – working at the interface between theology and therapy.. It seeks to empower people to turn their lives around; working with people to discover and help create theologies that help people flourish.

Group Exercise: Choose images relating to 3 areas.

  1. Think of a religious community you belong to, know or remember. As you think about this community – choose an image that is related to areas that make us “unwell” or identifies issues of concern.
  2. Choose an image that helps us think about things that we long for. What do we want our community to be like?
  3. Choose an image that speaks to you of action that needs to be taken to enable the religious community to be a healing environment.

Church can be:

Communities of hospitality – open tables, church to be open, places where we are ‘held’.

Communities of justice and peace. Having a theology that works towards justice.

Communities of storytelling and justice. Our stories and the Jesus story.

Communities offering a safe space. Professional. With boundaries.

Creative communities

Communities of spirituality


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