The Contribution of Disability Theology to the Healing Mission of the Church

JHullPresented by Prof John Hull, Honorary Professor of Practical Theology, Queens Foundation


On the programme my talk is described as “Disabilities of Theology”. I am not sure if I created this title in a moment of inspiration or whether it was a transcription error but it is certainly true that theology itself is disabled in many ways. These, however, are most obvious to people who are themselves disabled, since we cannot but read our theology from the perspective of our bodies. If you are a sighted person you are constantly experiencing the world as a sighted world although the implications of this may not have occurred to you. As someone who lost sight in middle life, I became sharply aware of how my theological perspectives changed when my body changed.

My main purpose this morning is not to discuss these disabilities which may be found in theology (I mean the unconscious prejudice displayed in some theologies toward marginal groups) but to speak about a theology of disability. First I will explain what this expression means…

For the complete article, download on this link: Theology of disability health and healing conference


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