In what ways can the Christian community promote well being and good health?

Presented by Terry Drummond, Bishop of Southwark’s Adviser on Urban and Public PolicyDrummond


  • How do urban churches serve urban communities?
  • How do we understand public health?  Good health?
  • What is the relationship between health, as people experience it, and healing as the church offers it?
  • Are we developing / exploring a ‘theology of health’ and where are those conversations happening?  If not, why not?
  • Caring at the end of life is infinitely easier if care has been given throughout life – it’s more than just the funeral
  • Using whole person care legislation can open doors to offering spiritual care support in local provision facilities.
  • Patient choice – where to die – offers an opportunity to communities to work in partnership
  • Partnership models, beyond barely functioning Churches Together groups, are rare in church life.
  • Widening resources beyond clergy being the only source of pastoral support – pooling resources
  • How much do local churches know about the opportunities to become involved with the policy makers?  Health & Well-being Boards?


  • Taking the example of Jesus in meeting people where they are at, inviting them to share their fears, offering them both comfort and assistance – that is the key to whole person care
  • We need to be asking not just, ‘who is my neighbour’, but also, ‘how is my neighbour’?
  • On finding a common language and communicating in way what connects with public services and policy makers … We want the mainstream to talk the language of faith but how keen are we of faith on learning the language of the mainstream
  • On the use of parish time and partnership …Until we understand part of the mission of the parish to be one of partnership between the church, the community and the local authority, we will never have enough energy and/or resources to make change happen.

Terry Drummond presentation


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