Livable Communities: Dementia friendly churches

Livability_newlogoPresented by Dr Trevor Adams, Specialist Dementia Consultant, and Katharine Welby, Community Mission Coordinator, Livability

Workshop discussion:


What do dementia friendly churches look like?

  • Inclusive of family and carers
  • Having dementia ambassadors
  • Draw on the reality of people’s lived experience
  • Acknowledge dementia touches every family’s life
  • Provide information and education on the condition
  • Offer signposting to support, practical help, navigation for the ‘system’
  • Give people a voice, those with dementia as well as those who care for them
  • Celebrate the potential for creativity dementia can unlock, for music, art, poetry, etc
  • Listen to those affected
  • Offer low-threshold activities (activities that can be engaged with on a wide range of levels)

What do we need in order to be dementia friendly churches?

  • to learn from our own experience and that of others
  • a place to share this information
  • a sense of this being a necessity as part of our responsibility to ‘care for our own’ as well as ‘others’
  • knowledge in how to manage the risks for everyone involved
  • to know the local provision and picture
  • to make relationships with local authorities


  • We need to know how to care not just for those affected today but also for those affected tomorrow – it could be you … it could be me.
  • Dementia has had little attention in the past; things are changing … will the church rise to the challenge?

Dementia presentation


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