Parish Nursing

ParishNursing_Logo_ColourPresented by Revd Dr. Helen Wordsworth, National Coordinator, Parish Nursing Ministries UKHelen%20Avatar

Download the presentation: Parish nursing workshop


Q. Why is this concept tightly connected to nursing? Why not social workers?

Social Workers work within social work competence framework.  Nurse training works with all, has a generic perspective and offers a broader medical slant e.g. diseases.

Nurse links people together and is a specialised skill set.

The added value of a Parish Nurse: Registered, Accountable, Professional development

The above gives Parish Nurse credibility.

Q How can PN link with new Commissioning Bodies?

These new bodies will focus on care to the sick.  Health and Wellbeing Boards (HWB) promote health.  Local churches could engage with HWB. PN do not have all the necessary skills to write bids, from churches perspective this could be a hindrance.

There are Chaplains developing ministries within GP surgeries.  We need to be more engaging, look for opportunities to link.

Use of nurse V social worker. Traditionally nursing was seen a ‘spiritual’.  This has now waned throughout the nursing profession. PN puts spirituality back into the profession.  In Canada PN’s lobbied to have spiritual element back into definition of nursing.

Q.How do you avoid being swamped with pastoral care and nursing care?


Each PN has spiritual supervisor, clinical supervisor, support group and practice with tight boundaries

Other professionals have input into the PN teams e.g. physician

Work with other ministries of the church

Enlist volunteers in the church


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