Helping Hands and Caring Hearts: Insights from a diocesan health system in the United States

Gary JonesPresented by Revd Gary Jones, Director of Chaplaincy Services, St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System, Houston

I quote from Bishop Andrew Doyle’s Address to the 164th Council of the Diocese of Texas:

“Stewardship is not the business of redistributing wealth; we are in the business of giving grace.  We do this in church; yes.  But we do this through our health mission, our work with the poor, the undocumented worker.  We do not forget the laborer or lost.  We help people in our community.  This is the work of God’s mission.”

The diocese sees itself as a means of improving the communities it serves. This mission is achieved through a variety of ministries, including its health ministry of which St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System is a large component…

Download the full keynote address: Gary Jones keynote

Download the presentation: Gary Jones presentation


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