Ecumenical response to the National Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS in South Africa

DesmondLambrechtsPresented by Revd Canon Desmond Lambrechts, Director: Public Health, Ecumenical Foundation of Southern Africa, Stellenbosch

Download the presentation: Desmond Lambrechts Presentation

Key points:

  • Government and civil society are working together in the National Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS
  • Faith communities are represented in this process

The Faith sector offers:

  • Extensive networks, infrastructure, buildings, clientele, volunteers
  • Knowledge of how to stretch the budget – ‘Feeding the 5000’…
  • Puts people first and is in direct contact with the most vulnerable
  • Appreciates the sanctity of life

The Faith sector needs:

  • Clear written understandings of mutual responsibilities in partnerships
  • Appropriate sharing of responsibilities with government, not simply a tool of government

The Faith sector must:

  • Develop its own strategic plan according to its faith tradition and sense of vocation
  • Align this strategic plan with that of the national plan

Every health organisation needs the faith sector and will benefit greatly from their positive participation.


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