Minds mediate well-being and frame the experience of health. What expectations do we have for mental health and the healing of minds?

wallerPresented by Dr Rob Waller, Consultant Psychiatrist, Founding director of Premier Mind and Soul

Key questions:

  • Is mental central to how we approach physical health?
  • Is there health without mental health?
  • Is the notion of mental health broader than an individual’s mind, encompassing social determinants?

There was discussion around the issue of language, especially in relation to illness and ‘demons’. What worldview do these represent? Should we encourage people to move beyond a dualistic view?

Spirituality is important in mental health. There thus needs to be more dialogue between health professionals and Christian communities so that concepts can be integrated and the two sides can support one another.

One key question that we all face is how to welcome people who do not conform or who are socially isolated?

Attentive listening is key when engaging with mental health problems.


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