Burrswood Hospital: A model of integration between healing and health care

Burrswood logoPresented by Revd Christine Garrard, Senior Chaplain, and Dr. Paul Worthley, Senior Physician, Burrswood Christian Hospital

Burrswood Hospital is a CQC registered hospital, and is the only such Christian institution in the UK. Patients are mostly privately funded, though there is a small means-tested bursary. Some NHS funded patients come for step-down care, and there are beds for end of life care. One specialism that has emerged is with chronic fatigue syndrome/ME.

Prayers permeates the work at Burrswood. A united staff team enjoys a high level of communication and trust, which allows for a blurring between boundaries of the professional disciplines. There is a shared confidentiality to which patients agree on admission, though there may be cases where either a doctor or chaplain may keep some confidential information as appropriate.

Discussion focused on the interdisciplinary nature of working at Burrswood. How does this affect the professional skills? Both Paul and Christine expressed satisfaction with the process, and outlined how much they had learned as a result, both theologically and clinically. It was pointed out that staff in NHS positions also sometimes work on an interdisciplinary basis, and indeed sometimes engage in shared confidentiality.


One response to “Burrswood Hospital: A model of integration between healing and health care

  1. A holistic, multi-professional approach is very Biblical and is to be encouraged throughout all medical care.

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